A Guide To Pre-Finished Timber Flooring

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Pre-finished timber flooring can save you time and hassle when installing your new floor. In this article, we examine what pre-finished flooring is and if it’s right for your home or commercial space.  We’ll also look at the advantages of pre-finished timber flooring and how to care for your new floor.

What is pre-finished timber flooring?

Pre-finished timber floorboards are wooden planks that are sanded and polished before you buy them. They offer a handy alternative to traditional, raw hardwood floors, which need to be finished on-site.

With conventional timber floorboards, once they have been laid they need to be sanded and then finished with coats of lacquer/polish/oil applied on-site. Depending on environmental factors and the products used, this can mean that some floors may require several days for the finished product to cure before being walked on. Pre-finished timber boards can be walked on straight away, similar to other pre-finished options such as engineered timber, laminate or vinyl. This also means that your house and family will not be exposed to smelly vapours while the floor coating dries.

Why choose pre-finished timber flooring?

One of the major benefits of pre-finished timber flooring is that it is stress-free. Apart from saving time and money on the installation process, it also means less mess in the home. Sanding traditional floorboards creates a fine saw dust that can linger in the air and settle on furniture.

Unlike raw timber flooring planks, pre-finished boards don’t need to be acclimatised to the location that you wish to lay them in as they have been kiln-dried at the factory. This, in addition to the absence of coating drying time, means that pre-finished boards are the best option for projects that are time sensitive.

The pre-finished timber flooring options offered by Back To Timber come with a low E0 VOC rating to ensure no harmful odours are emitted once the products have been installed in your home. This makes the pre-finished timber boards offered by Back To Timber a great option for those with a sensitivity to odours or breathing challenges, and also for those looking for an environmentally conscious choice of floor.

Pre-finished timber flooring options provide a reliable, high-quality finish. The boards are finished off-site in a controlled environment which ensures factors such as temperature fluctuations and dust do not affect the finish. This means that your floors will have a uniformly excellent quality finish every time.

Replacing damaged areas of flooring is also easier with pre-finished timber as individual boards can be replaced. A timber floor which is coated in the home will need a full recoating if planks are damaged are replaced.

The range of pre-finished timber floorboards offered by Back To Timber all offer high durability. Depending on the product selected, up to 12 layers of finish have been applied to the boards prior to installation. All our pre-finished timber planks are sourced from sustainable forests and plantations. Keep scrolling to see our Pre-finished solid timber flooring range.

Benefits of Pre-finished Flooring

Looking after your pre-finished timber flooring

The best way to maintain your pre-finished timber floorboards is to ensure that they are vacuumed and swept regularly to remove large particles like dirt, sand and grit to prevent any potential scratching. When a more thorough clean is required, we recommend using a pH neutral floor cleaner and a microfibre mop, ensuring that any mopping is completed with a near-dry mop to prevent any swelling of the timber. Steam cleaning is not recommended for pre-finished timber floorboards, much like traditionally laid timber flooring. Pre-finished timber floorboards have high durability to scratching due to the high-quality finish, however we recommend felt tips on the base of furniture to ensure the longevity of your flooring.

For more information on looking after pre-finished and traditional floorboards check out our article on Looking after your Timber Floors.

If you have any questions about the range of pre-finished timber flooring options that Back To Timber has on offer, our helpful team can be contacted here. Alternately, feel free to pop into one of our Sydney showrooms so we can help answer any questions you may have.

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