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Australian Select Timbers

About Australian Select Timbers

Australian Select Timbers was founded in 2009 in Dandenong, Victoria. Since then, they have become one of Australia’s most trusted timber flooring wholesalers. They pride themselves on their passion, motivation and dedication.

Australian Select Timbers brings you stylish, sustainable, sophisticated, and simply beautiful floors. As the name suggests, Australian Select Timbers only source the best material to create flooring masterpieces. All their products are sustainable and made with designer appeal in mind. Australian Select Timbers is a naturally healthy alternative to other floor-coverings.

Specialising in engineered timber flooring, Australian Select Timbers offers quality and long-lasting products. You will enjoy the enduring beauty of Australian Select Timbers flooring for years to come. From practical laminates to stylish wooden floors, Australian Select Timbers are sure to have a product to suit your home or office. They back all their flooring products with a generous warranty so you can shop with confidence.

Back to Timber is proud to be a preferred retailer of Australian Select Timbers engineered timber flooring products. Find out more about their product range below.

Engineered Timber Flooring

Coastline Collection

Coastline European Oak Engineered Flooring brings you the best of both worlds: a stylish timber look in a wide range of modern and classic colours to suit any home and environment, plus the durability and luxury of Engineered European Oak. Coastline Collection makes it easy for you to create the look you want without the expense of traditional solid timber.

It is also straightforward to maintain; just following a few care and maintenance guidelines, your home or workplace will stay beautiful for years to come.

GrandOak Flooring

With an enviable reputation as the flagship product in Australian Select Timbers’ ranges, GrandOak is a statement flooring you’ll be enamoured with.
Its beauty is evident. But as a market leader in European Oak flooring across Australia, it is also distinguished by an array of sought-after benefits. From the collection of modern and classical colours and textures to an impressive and proven engineered structure that’s among the most trusted joining systems in today’s market.

Numerous homeowners and architects now favour GrandOak for its outstanding environmental and health benefits. GrandOak provides complete peace of mind and is a sustainable solution for any project, with proven test certificates for dry-slip, wet-slip, and emission testing.

Noble Collection

Setting the standard, GrandOak Noble Collection packs contain only 1900mm longboards with no short lengths, thus ensuring a high-end finish to the floor, wall, or ceiling aesthetic.

GrandOak Noble Collection has a 3mm solid oak wear layer which is stabilised by a multi-ply core. This produces a floor that is environmentally and dimensionally stable for our harsh Australian conditions.

Monarch Collection

GrandOak Monarch Collection is the pinnacle of European style, inspired to make a statement in your home.

With a 6mm top layer (veneer) to rival solid timbers and the luxury of a solid board with the ease of pre-finished engineered boards, without the need of top nailing. This 20mm x 220mm product is topped with a 6mm solid oak wear layer and stabilised by a multi-ply core, which produces a floorboard that is designed to handle extreme environmental changes in Australia.

Everest Collection

Continuing the beauty and class retained throughout the GrandOak range, the Everest Collection offers a generous 240mm wide board at lengths of 2200mm to create a truly ‘Grand’ experience.

Six stunning colours are available in this spectacular collection.

Herringbone Collection

Inspired by classic French design, the Herringbone collection highlights the natural and enduring beauty of Oak from modern contemporary to classical heritage spaces.

With options ranging from natural to lime wash to dark wenge stains, available across six stunning colours, this spectacular collection of hand brushed parquetry is sure to win your heart and elevate your space to the next level of style and sophistication.

Chevron Collection

The classic French style of parquetry has been enjoying renewed popularity. GrandOak Chevron Collection is the perfect decorative statement piece in not only foyers and hallways, but also into open spaces throughout the home. GrandOak Chevron Collection offers the ability to compliment and colour sync the most popular colours in the Noble Collection.

Six stunning colours are available in this spectacular collection.

Hickory Impressions

Australian Select Timbers is the first to create a new timber floor for the Australian market with new chisel cut techniques producing a floor that is rustically fashioned to an authentic timber look. Artistically finished by skilled craftsmen using carefully selected top quality hardwood from the USA, they work the wood into a floor that displays knots, mineral streaks, bird peeks, cracks, hand scraping & tool marks. This newly fashioned floor is the hardest and simplest floor that any family can maintain and preserve the wonderful character for many, many years to come.

Homestead Range

Hickory Impressions Homestead, crafted by nature. Antique charm masterfully crafted hardwood engineered with modern chisel cut techniques.

Hickory Impressions Homestead range has been lightly hand scaped with surface brushing and tool marks which have been tastefully applied to the board surface giving it that time-worn look and texture, harking back to a style that is historic and enduring.

Classique Range

Hickory Impression Classqiue is hardened by nature and will withstand the rigours of today’s busy lifestyles.

With a similar texture as European Oak and unique colours, plus high stability and durability, Hickory Classique ticks all the boxes.

The fusion of hardness, strength, toughness and stiffness not commonly seen in any other timber flooring products, combined with warm colours, makes Hickory Impression flooring a must choice for any home.

Regency Hardwood

The Regency Hardwood Range showcases premium engineered Australian hardwood, bringing you the option of 3 colours – Spotted Gum, Blackbutt and Smoked Spotted Gum.

Each species in the Regency Hardwood Range has its own individual pattern formed by the natural knots, grains and gum vein, creating a stunning work of art when pieced together in any area.

Stylish, sustainable and simply beautiful, the Regency Hardwood Range of premium Australian colours and finishes provides the ideal flooring solution to transform any area into an astounding masterpiece.

Imperial Range

Available in Spotted Gum and Blackbutt, in either the traditional 125mm board or a contemporary 189mm wide board, this product gives options to match with today’s latest trends.

With a superior German KLUMPP coating finish, it allows for a high-quality finish whilst retaining the natural beauty of the timber throughout the years.

Infinite Range

With today’s ever-evolving trends, a stunning hard wax oil finish 189mm wide board for Australian native timbers has been created, enhancing the natural beauty appearance while still having strong protection on the surface.

Herringbone Range

Enhance the beauty and warmth of your space, with the stunning Regency Herringbone Collection; selectively crafted using premium Australian timbers, including Spotted Gum and Blackbutt.

Hinterland Range

Regency Hinterland’s design embraces the rugged and natural beauty of nature with its organic warmth of dark gum veins, knots and textures replicating the essence of a tree.

Eco-Smart Range

With the use of advanced technology in its construction, Regency Eco-Smart allows for flexibility and optimum stability in its design, coupled with higher impact resistance for today’s busy family lifestyle.

Regency Eco-Smart not only displays the beauty of natural Australian timber in an engineered board, but it also ensures strength with its superb hardwood multi-layer core. Constructed with 12 layers of hardwood ply core and a tongue and groove joint system, it avoids cupping, twisting and squeaking with environmental changes.

Hybrid Flooring

Nouvelle Hybrid

Nouvelle offers the most extensive range, with 4 real-to-life Australian native timbers and 6 luxurious European oak colours.

With a unique natural cork backing, Nouvelle also offers a superior acoustic level whilst being friendly to our environment.

Kodiak Hybrid

Modern flooring with brilliance. This brand new hybrid flooring will make life much easier. It is suitable for almost all living spaces, is renowned for its durability, and is a 100% waterproof product.

Laminate Flooring

Reflections Laminate

Reflections Laminate is designed to reflect your lifestyle with its impressive decors and unique technologies.

Reflections Laminate comes in four distinct collections:

Reflections Ultimate: Reflections Laminate 12mm Ultimate Collection, GenCore, high definition and matte finish, available in 10 colours.

Reflections Elite: Reflections Laminate 12mm Elite Collection, HDF Core, high definition and matte finish, available in 8 colours.

Reflections Evoke: Reflections Laminate 8mm Evoke Collection, stylish design, GenCore, finished with AC4 commercial-grade, available in 9 amazing colours.

Reflections Lifestyle: Reflections Laminate 8mm Lifestyle Collection, stylish design and affordable price, HDF core, finished with AC3 commercial-grade, available in 6 colours.

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