Boral timber flooring is now Pentarch timber flooring


Boral Timber is now Pentarch Forestry

Boral divested its timber business to the Pentarch Group in October 2021. Allen Taylor & Company, Duncan’s Holdings and their subsidiaries (collectively known as Boral Timber) now trade under the brand Pentarch Forestry (which is owned by the Pentarch Group.)

Back to Timber will continue to supply Pentarch solid timber and engineered timber flooring to its customers.

Pentarch Forestry

Pentarch Forestry

Pentarch Forestry commenced business in 1992 and since then have progressively developed specialist skills and services in the fields of log marshalling, shipping and international trade to facilitate log export operations. The strategic acquisition of Boral Timber, coupled with the recent purchase of the Dormit business in Victoria, places Pentarch Forestry in a strong position to drive future growth and diversification.

Pentarch recognise that they have a responsibility to the environment, customers, suppliers and staff. Their business model is designed to provide all stakeholders with a sustainable future. They are committed to purchasing all timber from legal sources and from sustainably managed forests and will seek evidence of compliance from suppliers by operating a due diligence system.

Pentarch recognise that credible independent certification of forest management and chain of custody contributes to sustainable forest management. They will prioritise the purchase of products from certified sources where feasible, favouring labels or certificates that include environmental or sustainability claims that are supported by publicly available standards drawn up in a fully participatory, transparent and objective process and verified by independent third-party auditing.

The Australian Forest Products Association NSW (AFPA NSW) CEO Sue Grau has welcomed the recent purchase of Boral Timber by Pentarch Group. “It’s an exciting time for the forest industry in NSW especially as Pentarch is focused on innovating technologies to optimise the use of Australia’s high-value native forest resource,” said Ms Grau. “Pentarch will be part of the sustainable hardwood timber industry continuing to provide product for Sydney’s floors, decking and stairs and vital softwood for housing frames.”

Pentarch Forestry’s range includes:
  • Flooring
  • Cladding
  • Decking
  • Structural timber

Pentarch Products

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