Brush Box Flooring

Brush Box floor

About the Brush Box Tree

Also known as Brushbox, Queensland Box, Brisbane Box, Pink Box, Vinegartree and Box Scrub, the Brush Box is a majestic evergreen tree native to Australia. The Brush Box can reach growing heights of 40 metres or more and a width of 5 to 15 metres. The trees have a visually appealing dome-like shape and dense, dark green foliage. These trees prefer a subtropical climate and are prolific in Queensland and north-eastern NSW.

Brush Box trees are popular in urban areas because they provide more shade than eucalyptus trees, and are also considered one of the safest trees to be around as they rarely shed limbs or branches. They are commonly used as a street tree due to them being disease and pest resilient, and relatively easy to maintain. They also have an unusually high tolerance for smog, drought and poor drainage.

Brush Box trees are robust and strong, tolerating a range of soils and climatic conditions. These trees grow from seedlings and are self-pollinating.

Brush Box Tree

Brush Box Timber

Brush Box timber has an interlocked grain and fine, even texture. The heartwood ranges from pale pinkish-grey to a rich reddish-brown in colour. It’s a rich and warm wood, which is popular due to its unique and aesthetic qualities. Unlike some other timber options, Brush Box is free from the appearance of gum veins.

Brush Box is commonly used for flooring, cladding, paneling and structural applications, as well as being used for mallets, mauls, handles, shuttles, wharf and bridge decking, carriage building, weatherboarding, boat building and wedges. As a timber it is durable, as well as attractive.

Brush Box timber also has a number of decorative uses such as plywood, turnery, laminated bench tops, joinery and parquetry.

Brush Box

Brush Box in Flooring

Brush Box flooring, with its wavy and interlocking grain, has an unmatched character that provides a unique and dynamic look to any home. Whether it is used for structural or finished flooring, Brush Box flooring offers durability, versatility and adaptability. Brush Box flooring is a timeless product that offers a warmth and natural aesthetic.

Cleaning Brush Box floors is a breeze; all it takes is a simple sweep with a soft-bristle broom or vacuum cleaner with a soft floor brush head attached once a week. Should your floor start to feel sticky, a damp (not wet) microfibre mop with warm water is all it takes. Avoid using a steam cleaner for wooden floors, as it causes the flooring to expand and retract, possibly leading to cracks in the floor.

Floors made from Brush Box timber are popular in homes and commercial spaces. Brush Box floorboards are graded as ‘Classic’, meaning they are relatively even in appearance and have a low level of natural features (such as gum veins, spirals, burls, and insect trails.) This gives the floor a uniform look that is perfect for modern and minimalistic decor styles.

At Back To Timber, we offer a huge variety of Brush Box timber flooring options. Check out some of our favourites below.

If you have questions about these products or any other flooring products, please contact our friendly team. We’d love to hear from you!

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