Tasmanian Oak Flooring

Tasmanian Oak Flooring

About the Tasmanian Oak Tree

Tasmanian oak is a premium Australian hardwood that grows in the heart of the mountains in our southern-most state.

The tall, straight Tasmanian oak goes by a number of other names such as mountain ash, alpine ash, gum-topped stringybark, Australian oak, whitetop stringybark, white-top, woollybutt, blue leaf and mountain white gum. The term Tasmanian oak includes three different types of eucalyptus hardwoods. Each grows in different conditions such as at high altitudes, wetter sites or wet forests that extend into some drier terrain areas.

Some of the larger Tasmanian oak trees can grow up to 90 meters tall, with a trunk width of 2.5 meters. The bark around the tree is rough and persistent which means it does not shed. The bark only grows on the lower half of the trunk, leaving the upper trunk bark-free and smooth.

Tasmanian Oak Trees

Tasmanian Oak Timber

Tasmanian oak timber is known for its moderately coarse but straight and even grain, with noticeable growth rings. It is light in colour, and varies from a straw to reddish-brown colour.

Being such a dense and resilient timber, Tasmanian oak is used for a number of applications such as internal and external flooring, stairs and panelling, joinery, mouldings, interior rails and balustrades. It can also be used decoratively for things such as furniture, linings, and turnery.

Tasmanian oak is a highly resilient and relatively easy to work with timber. It is known for its versatility in machining, fixing, gluing, and finishing. Using standard procedures, Tasmanian Oak timber will bond quite well, and will also readily take stain, polish, and paint.

Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak in Flooring

Frequently used by builders, carpenters and architects, Tasmanian oak has been used in flooring for well over a century because of its stability and reliability.

This hard-wearing flooring option offers strength, a unique texture, and an elegance that will complete any home. Tasmanian oak flooring is available in various lengths, widths and thicknesses, making it readily available for any flooring design.

Tasmanian Oak is one of the easiest flooring types to maintain and care for. It is recommended to clean Tasmanian oak with a dust mop, soft-bristled broom, vacuum cleaner, or a wood floor mop kit. Never use a wet mop or a steam mop as excess water can seep between the boards and cause damage. It is also not recommended to use wax, oil, soap or any abrasive cleaners on Tasmanian oak.

At Back To Timber, we offer a huge variety of Tasmanian Oak timber flooring options. Check out some of our favourites below.

If you have questions about these products or any other flooring products, please contact our friendly team. We’d love to hear from you!

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