Turpentine Flooring

Turpentine Flooring

About Turpentine

Turpentine is an Australian tree native to New South Wales and Queensland. The turpentine tree can reach up to 60 metres tall and grows in heavier soils to cater for its large, straight trunk, which can grow as wide as 1.5 metres. The thick brown bark is fibrous, with deep vertical furrows running down the trunk. In spring, it has cream flowers that are fused into compound flowerheads.

Turpentine Tree

Turpentine Timber

Turpentine is an extremely durable and hard Australian native hardwood timber that is suitable for numerous uses among construction and engineering. The ‘true wood’ ranges from deep red to red brown, however turpentine sapwood is known to be much paler, often creamier in colour. With a mild to medium but wavy texture and interlocked grain, turpentine is free from gum veins.

Due to its Janka hardness rating of 12, it is highly resistant to termites and marine invertebrates. It is also highly fire resistant. For above ground use, it has a life expectancy of over 40 years and an in-ground life expectancy of anywhere between 15 to 25 years.

Turpentine timber is one of the preferred timbers for marine pilings due to its high silica content which makes it resilient to Teredinidae marine borers. It is also regularly used to construct wharves and bridges, railway sleepers and mining timbers.

Turpentine timber can also be used for general house framing, decking, flooring, cladding, and lining. It is also commonly used for constructing dance floors, plywood, laminated beams, and bench tops.

Decking is another popular application for the turpentine wood. Decks tend to be raised off the ground and exposed to all types of weather conditions, and turpentine’s ability to withstand wear and weathering makes it well-suited for this use. Turpentine timber is available in both seasoned as well as unseasoned wood in a range of sizes and grades to fulfill any and all requirements.


Turpentine in Flooring

Able to be used for both structural or finished flooring, turpentine timber is known to be durable, versatile, and adaptable. Turpentine flooring is a high-end product that looks and feels appealing. It is extremely durable and pliable, as well as being naturally resistant to splitting, making it a perfect timber for flooring. Turpentine flooring can be installed over bearers and joists, over battens, over plywood and over equivalent structural subflooring.

Turpentine is among the easiest flooring types to maintain and care for. It is recommended to to use a dust mop, soft bristled broom, vacuum cleaner, or a wood floor mop kit. Never use a wet mop or a steam mop as excess water can seep between the boards and cause damage. It is also important not to use wax, oil, soap, or any abrasive cleaners on turpentine to maintain optimum quality.

At Back To Timber, we offer a variety of Turpentine timber flooring options. Check out some of our favourites below.

If you have questions about these products or any other flooring products, please contact our friendly team. We’d love to hear from you!

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