Hybrid Flooring: What you need to know

Hybrid Flooring

Looking for a flooring option that is durable and affordable, but offers the look and feel of timber flooring?

Hybrid flooring might just be just what you are looking for! Read on to find out more about hybrid floors and why this new technology has become so popular.

What is hybrid flooring?

As we know, hybrid means a cross between two things. Thus, hybrid flooring is a flooring option that combines two different materials together. The latest industry innovation, hybrid flooring combines the best features of both laminate and vinyl to create a floating floor you’ll love to walk on.

Both laminate and vinyl flooring options have been around for many years, however both have their weaknesses. Laminate planks are not waterproof and can be damaged by moisture in your home. Vinyl flooring is waterproof but needs to be glued down, making it harder to install and replace. Hybrid flooring combines the benefits of both, without the drawbacks. Hybrid floors can easily be installed as a floating floor and are completely waterproof. To find out more about laminate, vinyl and hybrid flooring check out our comparison article here.

Hybrid flooring construction includes many layers – the acoustic backing, specialised core, stability layers, detailed image layer, wear layer and various protective coats.

Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid Flooring

Quick-Step Pulse hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof, scratch and stain-resistant, and ultra-stylish. Its ultra-strong core and unique top layer protect against damage, while the innovative click system ensures a fully waterproof floor.

Quick-Step Sea Breeze Light Oak

Quick-Step Sea Breeze Light Oak

Titan Hybrid Flooring

Titan hybrid flooring is an extra-resilient flooring option, perfect for a busy household or a trendy new statement floor. Titan Hybrid flooring is a rigid core flooring product, the integrated acoustic underlay allows the click planks to be installed over all kinds of flat surfaces.

Titan Home Tidal Blackbutt

Titan Home Tidal Blackbutt

Australian Select Timbers Nouvelle Hybrid Flooring

Nouvelle hybrid flooring offers an extensive range, with 4 real-to-life Australian native timbers and 6 luxurious European oak colours. With a unique natural cork backing, Nouvelle also offers a superior acoustic level whilst being friendly to our environment.

Nouvelle Silver Birch

Nouvelle Silver Birch

Preference Hybrid Flooring

Preference has a comprehensive range of waterproof and durable hybrid flooring options using next generation manufacturing techniques.

  • Iconic WPC – A sustainable Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) forms a robust, interior waterproof flooring product.
Preference Iconic Spotted Gum

Preference Iconic Spotted Gum

  • Aspire RBC – A recently developed Rigid Composite Core Board (RCB). RCB core is manufactured from inert mineral compounds that are stable and provide little or no movement.
Preference Aspire New England Blackbutt

Preference Aspire New England Blackbutt

  • Hydroplank WPC – A sustainable Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) that forms a durable, interior waterproof flooring.
Preference Hydroplank Hamptons

Preference Hydroplank Hamptons

  • Easi-Plank SPC – A unique Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) construction that delivers 100% waterproof attributes providing ultimate peace of mind for everyday residential living.
Preference Easi-Plank Porcelain

Preference Easi-Plank Porcelain

Why choose hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring combines the beauty of timber, with the practicality of vinyl and the ease of installation of laminate. It’s the result of years of research and development which changed the flooring industry overnight.

The combination of laminate and vinyl components results in a rigid and extremely hard-wearing floating floor system. The fusion of multi-layers of vinyl and laminate flooring pressed together creates a durable, resilient and long-lasting floor surface.

With the unmistakable look of hardwood floor, ease of installation and comfort underfoot, this easy to clean and maintain flooring option can be considered throughout the whole house. Even in wet areas!

Is hybrid flooring right for your home?

Hybrid flooring combines the beneficial attributes of vinyl and laminate to create a hard surface that makes it stand out from other flooring systems. A commercial-grade protective coating protects the decorative printed layer which replicates a hardwood floor. Composite core board and an acoustic underlay offers thermal insulation and adds stability. Back to Timber’s hybrid flooring options are non-toxic and 100% ortho-phthalate free, making them safe and comfortable for the whole family to walk on.

Hybrid flooring is ideal for the Australian climate, as it doesn’t expand or contract with temperature fluctuations. It can be installed over in-slab floor heating systems with a subfloor temperature up to 27°C. If you are considering underfloor heating in your home, talk to the knowledgeable team at Back to Timber about which flooring options are best.


Hybrid flooring is resilient

Hybrid flooring boasts a hard topcoat and interconnecting planks, making it totally waterproof and extremely durable. This flooring can withstand whatever your kids and pets can dish out!

The durability of hybrid floors comes from the top layer making it resistant to dents, stains and scratches. In the rare occurrence the floor might suffer damage, it can be repaired or replaced easily.

Hybrid floors are a great flooring alternative for the wet areas in your home such as the laundry, bathroom and kitchen. If you are looking for wood-look flooring for anywhere in your home, there is sure to be a hybrid design that suits your decor. Cleaning is effortless, with a vacuum cleaner and a mop resulting in an as-new appearance.

Benefits of Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid floors: a round-up

Hybrid floors are perfect for domestic and residential applications. They are also popular in commercial and retail spaces due to their hard-wearing properties. Restaurants and cafes welcome the durable, easily maintained, waterproof floor surface.

This alternative to hardwood flooring is the culmination of many years of technological research. Hybrid flooring might just be the innovation that is perfect for your space!

Check out Back to Timber’s range of hybrid flooring below and feel free to contact us with any questions or to get a quote.

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