The Top Flooring Trends in 2022

flooring trends australia

Trends in flooring are about appreciating new and exciting products on the market, teaming them with the interior decor of your home and creating long-term value and beauty. We have a wide range of timber floorboard options here at Back to Timber that will help you achieve the look you want – from classic favourites destined for heritage homes, to bright, exciting alternatives ideal for light, open-plan living.

We’re going to delve into the hottest flooring trends 2022 Australia, so you can be sure to pick the perfect, stylish solution for your own home.

Flooring Trend #1:

Light, Bright & Airy

Lighter washes of flooring allow you to really open up a space and create a natural, modern look. Pale floors can make rooms feel more spacious and enhance the way the sunlight bounces off your floors and back into the room. This makes them the perfect option for coastal or Scandi styled homes.

Preference engineered timber in prestige oak is a wonderful choice if ‘light and airy’ is the brief. This flooring is the preferred choice for architects and designers and it’s not hard to see why. It shares the unrivaled beauty and character of traditional European Oaks with durability and strength, which means your floors won’t fall victim to premature wear and tear.

For a slightly darker hue that epitomises European style, we suggest Australian Select Timber engineered timber in white smoked oak. Its 6mm wear layer gives you the luxurious feel of a solid board with the ease of pre-finished engineered boards.

One of the major reasons why lighter flooring is a popular choice is that it’s easy to clean. It disguises marks and scuffs meaning less time is spent cleaning and buffing. Furthermore, light wood floors let your décor speak for itself, allowing your beautiful furnishings and décor pieces to be the focus.

Light flooring

Flooring by Back to Timber: Ryde Apartments – Engineered Timber European Oak Grey Wash in French Grey

Flooring Trend #2:

Rich & Warm Hues

As attractive as lighter timbers are, they are definitely not suited to every house. The good news is that there are some deeper shades that offer the same impeccable appeal and are as on-trend as their lighter counterpart.

Darker wood suits older homes or those with touches of heritage. It is also the perfect addition to the popular industrial style decor, or a more traditional rustic or French country design. Deeper tones are great for adding a feeling of warmth and homeliness to large spaces or rooms with higher ceilings.

A great option is Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) pre-finished solid timber flooring which boasts durability, a flawless coating and no harmful odours. It is a medium to dark brown shade, with a reddish or purplish hue. All of Back to Timber’s pre-finished timber flooring range comes from sustainable forests and plantations. Another one of our favourites is the Pacific Spotted Gum pre-finished solid timber, which is a stunning orange-brown colour with occasional yellowish streaks, and plenty of tonal variation.

What we love most about these richer colours is their ability to absorb sunlight, rather than reflect it, keeping your home warm. They are not as prone to fading as some lighter alternatives, resulting in more durable floorboards. This is particularly important to note if you plan to install your floorboards in sun entrenched rooms or rooms that feature skylights.

Alongside their functional benefits, floorboards in warmer hues have a sense of traditional beauty that appeals to many home-buyers. The wood’s natural grain is highlighted through the darker colour, effortlessly bringing luxury and romance to any room.

Warm timber floor

Flooring by Back to Timber: Roseville House Pentarch Raw – Solid Select Grade Sydney Blue Gum

Flooring Trend #3:

Luxurious Herringbone Patterns

Parquetry is back, and it’s not really surprising considering its popularity at many points throughout human history. The herringbone pattern was first used on roads for the ancient Romans after architects found that bricks laid pointed in the same direction as the flow of traffic were more stable and lasted longer.  These days, herringbone is more about style than utility but that hasn’t affected its popularity.

Herringbone flooring is surprisingly versatile, with different colours, grains and finishes being used to help this unique pattern fit with many different decors. They look especially chic in Hamptons or French inspired homes.

Our Pentarch herringbone spotted gum engineered timber flooring is just one of the timbers we supply in the popular block parquetry style where contrasting colours are laid to create depth.

The dynamic feel of the herringbone pattern has a welcoming effect in the home which is why it’s often used in entrance ways and hallways. The pattern tends to create a flow through the home that draws the eye in alternating directions and creates a visual point of interest on the floor. It can also creates the illusion of space when used in a small room or hallway, which can’t be replicated with parallel boards.

Herringbone floor

Flooring by Back to Timber: Gordon House – De Marque 21mm Cognac Herringbone Parquetry

While trends come and go, the timeless luxury of timber floors will remain. Understanding which floorboard hues suit the interior of your home best is something the team at Back to Timber love helping their clients with.

Fortunately, our range of timber floorboard options makes it possible to choose a flooring solution that will not only last you a lifetime but is on trend too. We want you to look at your floorboards in five years’ time and love them just as much as the day they were laid!

To find out more about our range of floorboards, contact us or pop into one of our flooring showrooms.

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