Sydney Blue Gum Flooring

Sydney Blue Gum Flooring

About the Sydney Blue Gum Tree

The Sydney Blue Gum tree is a large, hardwood Eucalyptus species that can grow to heights of 60 metres or more, with a trunk diameter between 2 and 2.5 meters. These trees are straight-trunked with a smooth white or grey bark above a brown, rougher-barked base.

The Sydney Blue Gum is native to forests along the coast of New South Wales and Southern Queensland, and is also grown as a plantation species in South Africa and South America.

While it has many uses in construction, it is also important in our natural environment. Koalas enjoy the taste of its leaves as well as the protection the foliage provides, and the Grey-headed Flying Fox is known to eat the flowers during blooming season.

These trees are known to flower from December through to February in bunches of 7 to 11 distinctive white blossoms.

Sydney Blue Gum Tree

Sydney Blue Gum Timber

The grain of Sydney Blue Gum timber is typically straight with occasional interlocking grains. The timber has a relatively coarse texture and often has gum veins. Sydney Blue Gum Timber exhibits a slight red-hue that features variations of soft, dark pinks and reddish browns.

Sydney Blue Gum is a moderately durable timber with a life expectancy for in-ground applications of anywhere between 8 and 15 years. As with to most other Eucalypts, it is easy to dry.

Sydney Blue Gum timber is easy to work with, dress and fix. It responds well to finishes and polishes up superbly, which makes it a popular option for decorative applications where moderate durability is required.

Sydney Blue Gum is commonly used for flooring, furniture, joinery, cladding, fencing, panelling and boat building, as well as in landscaping as garden sleepers.

When Sydney Blue Gum is used for decking or other outdoor uses, it will have a soft silver-grey hue over a long period of time. To preserve the colour and improve the life of Sydney Blue Gum decking, apply a decking finish to the exposed surfaces and reapply according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Sydney Blue Gum

Sydney Blue Gum in Flooring

Sydney Blue Gum’s rich dark honey/ochre-coloured wood and straight, interlocked grain makes it perfect for solid timber flooring, engineered wood and parquetry floors. The red tones, which are lighter than Jarrah, can be used in small spaces without making it feel small. Incidentally, Sydney Blue Gum floors compliment Jarrah furniture perfectly.

Whether for structural or finished flooring, Sydney Blue Gum offers durability, versatility and adaptability. Sydney Blue Gum flooring is a timeless product that offers warmth and natural beauty, largely unmatched by other flooring options. Sydney Blue Gum is a popular choice of hardwood for floors due to its high Janka hardness rating of 9 and natural durability rating of Class 2. This means that it is harder to dent and damage than other hardwood floors.

Sydney Blue Gum flooring is easy to maintain by regularly sweeping with a soft-bristled broom or vacuuming. To optimise the life of the floor, ensure that mopping is done with a well-wrung mop head, as excess water may cause the flooring to swell and expand. Never clean Sydney Blue Gum flooring with common household detergents, polishes, steel wool pads, wax or similar products. Avoid steam cleaning as the moisture is forced into the joints, small incisions, breaks or cracks which can result in cupping or swelling.

At Back To Timber, we offer a huge variety of Sydney Blue Gum timber flooring options. Check out some of our favourites below.

If you have questions about these products or any other flooring products, please contact our friendly team. We’d love to hear from you!

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