The Beauty of Oak Flooring

Oak Flooring

An oak timber floor is traditionally one of the most popular choices for builders and renovators looking to achieve a timeless aesthetic that translates across many different styles. Oak flooring is both practical and stunning thanks to its natural grain and ability to be stained. Here we take a closer look at each type to help make your decision easier. Oak flooring comes in solid timber or engineered timber options, giving consumers an extensive selection to choose from depending on their needs. If you are after the look of oak flooring without the cost, an oak grain laminate is a clever choice.

Solid Oak Flooring

A solid oak timber floor is a premium design product available for your home. Solid oak boards add luxury and grandeur to a home. Boasting high durability, adaptability, and versatility, this hardwood timber product will appeal aesthetically when presented with the right interior design and add value to your home.

When treated with a good quality finish, solid oak timber flooring is incredibly durable and will stand the test of time thanks to its resistance to wear, fungus, insects, and splitting. Oak floors are a popular choice for families as it’s one of the easiest timber flooring types to look after and maintain using a dust mop, soft-bristled broom, vacuum cleaner, or specific wood floor mop kit. To maintain the quality of the flooring and avoid long-term damage, our Back To Timber flooring specialists advise against using any waxes, oil, soaps, or abrasive cleaners, as well as wet or steam mops.

Available in an extensive variety of lengths and widths, solid oak hardwood flooring offers an unmatchable texture and truly elevates a home when laid classically or in a parquetry design. Oak timber can be used for both structural and/or finished flooring.

Whilst the pros are aplenty, there are some downfalls to solid oak timber flooring that are worthwhile being aware of. Firstly, real oak floors do have the propensity to fade when exposed to direct natural light for extended lengths of time. This may not be an issue, as the faded colour is still pleasant aesthetically. Also, like most floors, solid oak is also easily scratched, so a certain degree of care needs to be taken with heavy items like furniture to avoid damage.

Tasmanian Oak, although technically a eucalypt species, not an oak, is a great Australian alternative to oak. As the name suggests, the wood from a Tasmanian oak tree looks very similar to classic oak. For that reason, we have included Tasmanian oak in our selection of solid timber oak flooring below.

Engineered Oak Flooring

A less expensive option than solid wood but still with numerous sought-after qualities, engineered oak timber flooring is a quality choice for builders and renovators alike. Constructed from a top layer of real oak wood and reinforced by multiple layers of compressed materials to form the core of the product, an engineered oak floor is moisture-resistant and can handle years of high-traffic use. Highly versatile, with a broad range of colours and sizes, an engineered oak floor will enable you to achieve your desired interior style from modern farmhouse to scandi luxe.

Not only is engineered oak flooring a budget-friendly design choice, it also boasts green credentials thanks to its eco-friendly composition. There are multiple ways in which an engineered oak floor can be laid, so it’s best to speak to one of our Back To Timber professional installers for the best option.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with all our engineered timber oak flooring options. When choosing a product, consider the colour tone and board width you desire for your space.

Oak Laminate Flooring

Renovators on a budget will appreciate oak hybrid and laminate flooring thanks to its richness of tone that replicates hardwood timber at a fraction of the cost. Available in a multitude of colours and styles, an oak laminate or hybrid floor will add texture and warmth to a space to heighten the overall aesthetic.

If you’re looking to spruce up an investment property or want to modernise the flooring in your own home whilst remaining budget-friendly, then hybrid or laminate flooring could be the right option for you.

Check out our wide range of hybrid and laminate flooring options by choosing the category below.

Oak flooring is loved by millions globally because they offer a classic and enduring appeal that other flooring products can’t replicate. It is timeless and always in vogue and designed to last decades and add significant value to your home.

Be sure to visit one of our Back To Timber showrooms so that one of our friendly staff can talk you through your oak flooring options to see what works best for your project.

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