Waterproof Flooring Options

Waterproof Flooring

Whilst hardwood floors never go out of style, one of the biggest concerns for homeowners is the costly damage that can be caused by water on the floor. Thanks to advances in flooring technology, gone are the days of having to sacrifice style for substance. There are now numerous water-resistant flooring products on the market to satisfy homeowners’ needs for stylish, low-maintenance, and family-friendly flooring.

Back to Timber’s selection of waterproof flooring might be just what you need for your busy home or commercial space. Our extensive range of laminate, vinyl, or hybrid options has been sourced from around the world and features award-winning technology and some of the closest replicas of solid timber. Below, we take you through each of our waterproof flooring ranges and their unique features to help guide your decision.

Waterproof Flooring

Australian Select Timbers

AST Kodiak Hybrid

Australian Select Timbers (AST) Kodiak Hybrid collection is created for modern living. 100% waterproof, the range comprises eight stylish shades in a lacquer matte finish and embossed woodgrain surface, designed to replicate the details of real timber.

Renowned for its durability, AST has created a product that can be used in almost all areas of a home or commercial space, including bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens.

The system features a micro bevel edge and angle-to-angle lock system. Also, it boasts a 5-star acoustic rating, perfect for reducing sound in busy living areas, particularly apartment complexes. A lifetime residential and 15-year commercial warranty is also available to customers.

Clix Plus

Clix Plus

Back To Timber’s Clix Plus range prides itself on being a quality European-manufactured laminate flooring product at an affordable price.

Featuring a 3-year waterproof surface warranty, you’ll be comforted to know that it’s ideal for areas of the home prone to spills while also being highly resistant to scratching and staining.

Customers can choose from 10 realistic and environmentally-friendly designs to complement any interior style. Furthermore, the Clix Plus system is a complete solution with a full range of accessories to complete your new floor.


Preference Aquastop

Unique to the Preference range, customers can choose either a waterproof laminate product or a vinyl flooring option.

Preferences Aquastop laminate flooring is produced by the Swiss Krono Group, one of the world’s most esteemed laminate manufacturers. The technology used to create the laminate range has specifically been engineered for peace of mind and will repel moisture from the usual culprits like spills, damp air, and pets. The 8mm range offers 48 hours of protection and the 14mm range 72 hours of protection, when installed correctly. We recommend using experienced installers who understand the requirements for bathroom and laundry applications. Scratch and impact-resistant, Aquastop laminate is produced from 100% natural materials and sourced from FSC-certified forest resources.

Preference’s Ultimo vinyl plank selection is a smart and fashionable option for residential and light commercial use. 100% waterproof, the vinyl planks deliver a number of world-class traits, such as incredible acoustic performance, minimal maintenance, and visually pleasing designs, including popular Australian timber looks and contemporary oak palettes. The planks are designed to prolong the service life of your floor thanks to the additional reinforcement of a glass fibre backing and a vinyl wear layer to provide stability.


Quick-Step Impressive Ultra

Those on the hunt for a waterproof floor are spoilt for choice with Quick-Step‘s incredible selection of six laminate ranges, each boasting a variety of unique designs and details. What’s most impressive about the brand is the universal Scratch and Stain Guard technology allowing homeowners to live carefree, no matter which option they choose to install. What’s more, Quick-Step floors are 100% resistant to surface water, meaning they are low maintenance.

For those eco-conscious customers, you’ll be pleased to know the brand has received the EU Ecolabel accreditation, thanks to how it can be disposed of, as well as the wood in the laminate being renewable and holding back CO2 greenhouse gas for the lifetime of the floor.

Quick-Step is also the inventor of the standard click-to-install system, Uniclic, a revolutionary and patented installation system. All of our Back-To-Timber professional installers have the experience and know-how to ensure your Quick-Step laminate floor is installed correctly, so discuss this with us when viewing the range in-store or online.

If completely waterproof flooring isn’t necessary, Back to Timber also stocks alternative water-resistant engineered timber options from Quick-Step. The range features a moisture-repellent Surface & Edge Protect+ technology, which, when installed correctly, can help prevent daily dirt and dust from getting trapped in the joints of the wood, ultimately extending the floor’s lifetime.


Titan Rigid

Back To Timber is a proud stockist of the Titan range of Hybrid and Vinyl waterproof flooring. A Titan floor will help you create a space you will love coming home to, thanks to the statement designs and leading technology.

The Titan Vinyl option is perfect for those searching for a cost-effective solution without compromising on the look and durability of the floor, as well as a full 10-year domestic warranty to provide peace of mind for homeowners, builders, and renovators.

Titan Rigid is the brand’s vinyl range, featuring a rigid core plank and highly resistant surface structure. A selection of sizes includes stylish XXL planks, which can effortlessly increase the grandeur of any living space. Busy homes will also appreciate the integrated acoustic underlay and fuss-free daily cleaning methods used on the hardwearing planks. On top of this, customers can also select from Titan’s perfectly matching accessories to finish off their floor.

Even though Back to Timber prides itself on stocking some of the best waterproof flooring options from around the world, it’s always essential for homeowners, builders, and renovators alike to take preventative measures to ensure the lifetime of any floor is extended. From cleaning shoes before entering the home to placing rugs in high-use areas or where spills are likely to occur, small and simple measures will allow your floor to shine for years to come. If you want to learn about vinyl, laminate, and hybrid floors, check out our comparison article, which will take you through what you need to know about each option.

Otherwise, if you have any questions about the extensive range of waterproof flooring options that Back To Timber has on offer, our helpful team can be contacted here. Alternatively, feel free to pop into one of our Sydney showrooms so we can help answer any questions you may have.

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